By Guardians For Guardians

By Guardians For Guardians

Our Way of Showing Appreciation to First Responders, Teachers, Military, Doctors, Nurses & Social Workers...

Buyer Closing Cost Credit up to $5000 The Oakley Group recognizes the dedication and “guardianship” that our heroes extend to the community every day. Our way of showing gratitude is to offer a closing cost credit, based on the sale/purchase price of your home. Restrictions apply**


Free Appraisalup to $495 value! While you are free to use any lender of your choice, The Oakley Group recommends lenders that we have been pleased with and offer the level of excellent service we expect for our clients. Our recommended lenders offer extremely competitive rates, are responsive during the entire loan process and pay special attention to our clients. Some of the lenders we recommend provide an exclusive offer for our clients that qualify for this program - a credit at settlement for the cost of appraisal for your new home. For contact information for these lenders, please contact one of our Group members. Restrictions apply.* *


Reduced settlement feesup to $415 value. While you are free to use any settlement company of your choice, Smart Settlements has partnered with us in this program. They are efficient, timely, courteous and professional. Smart Settlements provide an exclusive offer for our clients – reduced settlement fees, so that you can buy a home warranty for a year, to cover unexpected issues with appliances and many other features of your home. Restrictions apply.**

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